Version 2.9.3

+ EXPERIMENTAL: UPnP support -
+ updated libmediainfo to 0.7.94
+ changed display of runtime in media files tab to a shorter version with seconds
+ updated Trakt, now being able to scrape in user language (if available)
+ correct wrong TVDB entries, where year is specified in title
+ added movie edition to the NFOs
+ remember some choices you do in the UI (like chosen export folder, export template, …)
+ added warning when exporting to a non empty directory
+ added button for TV show renamer in the top bar
+ enhanced video format detection #131
+ added “update single movie” (in addition of update datasource)
+ movie list: the indicator for missing artwork now respects your settings (poster/fanart only!)
+ some scraper can now scrape with the first aired date in addition to season/episode number
+ added movie sorting by release date
+ added spoken languages to MediaPortal NFO
+ write media source to episode NFOs too
x enhanced season/episode parser
x fixed several crashes when pressing the play button #139
x fixed stacking detection #132
x fixed some syncing issues #137
x fixed searching for movie set id in movie set editor
x fixed scraping localized countries #110
x automatically drop corrupt entries from the database
x fixed actor image writing
x fixed movie renamer token $1/$2 to use first alpha numeric character
x fixed Plex trailers wrongly detected as extras #135
x fix thumb image naming for disc style episodes
x fix renaming of disc style episodes
x fixed start of playback on several linux systems
x fixed movie renamer where trailing dots have been truncated for folders
x fixed writing of .actors thumbs
x fixed reading of mediainfo.xml
x fixed movie sorting
x changed appearance of the subtitle download button #140 #119
x fixed searching for TV show actors in the UI filter
you may need to restart tinyMediaManager once after the update