Version 2.9.7

+ added DataTables export template - thx to @C. Janke
x fixed the imdb scraper (imdb changed their web pages) - thx to @Grizzler89
x fixed a parsing problem in the Kodi scraper
x fixed movie renamer with animated posters

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Version 2.9.6

+ add persian language
+ added option to include external audio files in Kodi NFO streamdetails (thx @midgetspy)
+ support for mediainfo 17.10+ XMLs
+ updated mediainfo to 17.10
+ fixed java 9 compatibility issues
x fix parsing MediaInfo for .ISO files (endless hanging sometimes)
x reduced log output on the console for the command line version
x fix animated pictures scraper; did not work on automatic scrapeRead More ›


Version 2.9.5

+ added some more (common) languages to the available scraper languages
x adapt IMDB site changes; getting plot works again
x fix scraping (thread crash)
x fix TMDB actor naming scrape
x fix ANIDB scraper (no episode/season fetched)
x fix Kodi scraper
x fix of the bug report dialog (saving log files and layout)
x some minor fixes

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Version 2.9.4


+ Kodi XML scrapers for TV shows! (Donator only)
+ MediaInfo changes: if you have high-res, 6+ channel, 4k files, it is recommended to do a “mediainfo reload” of all movies, to get the correct icons.
+ Animated poster scraping (not always visible inside TMM, but on filesystem)
+ OMDb API scraper. Private scraper: details at (thx @wjanes) -
TinyMediaManager offers a limited access to OMDb... Read More ›


TheMovieDb - Title/Overview fallback language.

In version 2.9.4 we introduced a new feature that applies to the “TheMovieDb” scraper - you are now able to have more flexible results on your movie and TV shows scraping.

This feature allows you to define a secondary scraping language, in case there are no localized results in your primary scraping language.

How does it work?

When you make a query to TheMovieDb service it returns the results either in the specified scraping... Read More ›