Posts from November 2013


Version 2.4.7

feature: added configurable scraper threshold (thx to georg)
fix: some performance enhancements to the movie importer
fix: remove set tag from XBMC nfo after removing a movie from a set
fix: more effective scaling of images (out of heap error should be gone)
fix: MovieRenamer/Cleanup: ‘thumbs’ were ignored/lost in GUI
fix: better certification import from MP NFOs
fix: more enhancements to the imdb scraper (especially for non english speaking... Read More ›


Version 2.4.6

feature: new TV show renamer option: 01x01 format
feature: added a tag for optional tokens {}
fix: added to solve possible networking problems
fix: regression when choosing of local files
fix: reworked actor images (better import performance, jpg/png instead of tbn)
fix: removed (isn’t working anymore - is taken all the time, including a force to the preferred scraping language)
fix: some graphical changes to the... Read More ›