Posts from October 2013


Version 2.4.5

feature: when getting only 1 search result at automatic scrape, we assume it is the right one (and take it - ignoring the score)
feature: added update single data source to the menus
fix: on some machines, tmm crashed at startup (using oracle java 8)
fix: samples of TV show episodes will now be renamed to a samples folder
fix: added env.txt for linux users (they can now use mediainfo without... Read More ›


Version 2.4.4

feature: added icons to the menu items
feature: changed our notification system
feature: improved caching of extrathumbs/extrafanart
feature: improvements to the renamer (+new commandline argument -checkFiles)
feature: at single scrape, searches with only 1 result will automatically taken
feature: added context menu with common actions in the movie set panel
feature: selective datasource update for commandline (see [here][1])

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Version 2.4.3

feature: added video codec / audio codec filter for movies
fix: some enhancements to the search algorithm
fix: some performance improvements for updating datasources
fix: (OSX) mediainfo will now gather data from all files
fix: media information now gathers more audio/text details
fix: an invalid database recovery file no longer prevents tmm from starting
fix: wrapped settings into a scrollpane (tmm window is no longer larger than the screen... Read More ›


Version 2.4.1

05.10.2013 - version 2.4.1
feature: detect imdb id from file/folder name at import
feature: switched scaling algorithm to imgscalr - is should now use less memory, be faster and the images have a better quality
feature: implemented a new column resizer - the tables for media files/trailer should now have more accurate column widths
feature: option to not renaming a movie into a movie set folder, when the movie set only... Read More ›